Stater Bros. double ad Wednesday!

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Stater Bros. Double Ad Wednesdays
It looks like Stater Bros. may be following suit with Sprouts in beginning double ad Wednesdays. I don’t know about you but I LOVE this idea. It gives us an opportunity to take advantage of both week’s sales in one trip. I don’t know too many details right now, but what I do know is that they will be doing it this Wednesday, March 12th. In other words, this Wednesday ONLY Stater Bros. will be honoring both the current week’s ad and the prior week’s ad. I am hoping that they continue this on an ongoing basis.

Thanks, Harry!

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  1. trina says

    aww too bad i dont have a stater bros near, ive actually never been b4 and wouldnt even know how to shop deals w/ coupons there. i love sprouts tho, definitely fun to shop for unique cheap products and i do always go on wednesday- so convenient

  2. Noemi says

    Hi, I am new to electronic messaging. But here I go, lol. This is part of the sale 3 off 3 Stater has bic razors for 3.83 and 2.79 men and women. We just got 3.00 coupon on Sunday; .83 or free. Suave lotion 2.99 less 1.50 coupon make it .49. Thank you for a wonderful web page.

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