Target Unadvertised Deals: FREE Suave Hair Care, $0.15 P3 Protein packs, $0.82 MiO and more!

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Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Shampoo or Conditioner $2.74 – $2.89 (till 3/15)
Use $1.50/1 Suave Natural Infusions Product printable
AND $1.50/1 Suave Professionals Natural Infusion hair care item Target printable coupon

Garnier Cleansing Towelettes $4.99, Buy 3 Get a $5 Gift Card (till 3/15)
Use $1/1 Garnier Cleanser, exp. 4/12/14 (RP 03/02/14 R)
OR $1/1 any Garnier Cleanser printable coupon
= as low as $6.97 after gift card wyb 3 or $2.32 each

Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Packs $1.79
Use $0.75/1 Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Pack printable coupon
AND 50% Off Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Pack Target Cartwheel
= as low as $0.15 each

Green Giant Steamers $0.99 (till 3/15)
Use $1/3 MQ Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables, Any – 01-05-14 SS
= $2 wyb 3 or $0.66 each

Mio or Crystal Light Beverage Enhancer $3.49, Buy 3 Get a $5 Gift Card (till 3/22)
Use $1/1 MiO Regular, Energy or Fit, exp. 4/9/14 (SS 03/09/14)
OR $1/1 Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mix, exp. 3/31/14 (SS 02/23/14 R)
OR $1/1 Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mix printable
OR $1/1 Crystal Light Drink Mix printable
= $2.47 after gift card wyb 3 or $0.82 each

Lancaster Candies $3.33 (till 3/15)
Use $1.50/1 Lancaster Soft Creme, exp. 4/27/14 (SS 03/02/14)
= $1.83

Planters Peanuts (16oz.) Jar $3.49
Use two $1/1 PLANTERS Peanuts Coupon
AND $1/2 Planters peanuts 16 oz Target Coupon x3/30
AND 5% Off Planters Peanuts Target Cartwheel x3/22
= $3.68 wyb 2 or $1.84 each

Applegate Farm Salami or Pepperoni $3.59, Uncured Sunday Bacon $4.31, Uncured Turkey Bacon $4.49, assorted Cheeses $4.49 – $6.29 (till 3/15)
Use $1/1 any Applegate item printable coupon
AND %5 off Applegate Meat & Cheese Target cartwheel
= as low as $2.49 for salami or pepperoni

Stouffer’s Family Size Macaroni & Cheese $5.71 (till 3/15)
Use $1/1 Stouffer’s Family Size, Large Family Size, or Party Size Entree, exp. 4/30/14 (RP 01/26/14 #2)
AND 15% off Stouffer’s Frozen Entrees Target cartwheel
= as low as $3.85

Gorton’s Grilled Fish (Salmon, Tilapia) $3.50 (till 3/22)
Use $1/1 Gorton’s Seafood Product, exp. 5/10/14 (SS 02/02/14)
= $2.50 each

Annie’s Mac&Cheese Bowls (2pk.) or Creamy Deluxe $2 (till 3/15)
Annie’s Organic Bernie-Os or Cheesy Ravioli $1.25 (till 3/15)

Cascadian Farm Organic Graham Crunch Cereal $3.04 (till 3/22)
Use $0.85/1 any Cascadian Farm printable coupon
= $2.19

Secret Clinical Antiperspirant $7.99, Buy 2 Get a $5 Gift Card (till 3/22)
Use $2/1 Secret Clinical, exp. 3/31/14 (RP 02/16/14)
OR $2/1 Secret Clinical Invisible Solid or Clear Gel Antiperspirant/Deodorant printable
OR $4/2 Secret Clinical Deodorant, exp. 3/31/14 (P&G 03/02/14)
= $6.98 after gift card wyb 2 or $3.49 each


yes to blueberries Facial Towelettes $5.99, comes with a FREE yes to cucumbers Facial Towelettes (worth $3.49)
Use $3/$5 Yes To Item printable
= $2.99 for both

yes to carrots Shampoo $7.99, comes with a FREE yes to carrots Conditioner (worth $7.99!)
Use $3/$5 Yes To Item printable
= $4.99 per set or about $2.99 each

Clorox On-The-Go Disinfecting Wipes (34ct.) $2.37 (till 4/5)
Use $0.75/1 any Clorox product (write a review for Clorox Cleaner + Bleach) printable coupon
AND $0.75/1 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Target printable coupon
= as low as $0.87

Clorox Bleach (64oz.) $1.89 (till 3/22)
Use $0.75/1 any Clorox product (write a review for Clorox Cleaner + Bleach) printable coupon
AND $2 off three Clorox bleach items 55-oz. or larger Target Coupon x3/30
OR $0.50/1 any Clorox or Clorox 2 Bleach item Target hang tag
= as low as $2.17 wyb three (with two printables) or $0.72 each


Beneful Dry Dog Food (7lb.) $9.49, Buy 3 Get a $5 Gift Card (till 3/29)
Use $2/1 Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food Bag, exp. 5/9/14 (RP 02/09/14)
= as low as $17.47 wyb 3 or $5.82 each

Iams Healthy Naturals Dog Food (9.3-12.5lb.) $17.99, Buy 2 Get a $5 Gift Card (till 3/15)
Use $2/1 Iams Dry Dog Food printable
AND 5% off Iams Naturals Dog Food Target cartwheel
= as low as $25.18 after gift card wyb 2 or $12.59 each


Threshold Easter decor is on sale for 10% off.
Free $10 Gift Card wyb $50+ Home Decor Target printable coupon
OR text DECORATE to 827438 for mobile coupon.

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  1. Angel says

    Advertised but great for couponers:

    5 tier wire rack shelf -$39.99
    4 pc wheel castors- $13.99


    Use $10 off $50 household decor Target coupon from Sunday store ad

    $43.98 + tax

    Use the red card debit and get an additional 5% off.

    Great for easy moving to organize your garage or storage are.

    I use the ones with wheels because it makes moving things around to clean really easy. Works great. Even better: if the shelf weight is evenly balanced each shelf will hold up to 350 lbs. so over 1000 lbs of weight or more is possible but i use for my cleaning and household items and one for lightweight but bulky food items. I love it! Think you all will like this savings idea for organizin stockpiles.

    Good luck!

    • Mona says

      Hi Angela,
      I went to the Target in San Dimas just now to buy the rack and wheels that you described. When the cashier rang up the coupon it was rejected. The cashier stated the coupon was only good for home décor…which did not include the rack and wheels. A manager came over and read the coupon to see if there was a specific exclusion and there wasn’t. So she did an override and gave me the discount. I really think it depends on the individual cashier. What I try to do is get a male cashier because they have NEVER questioned any of my coupons. LOL

      • marky says

        that seems to be the case with me as well, the young males aren’t as picky. especially if its an elderly female cashier, good luck.

  2. Jenn says

    My local Target is cracking down on couponers in a really weird way. I went to check out with two Suave professionals and 4 Ragu sauces and the checker said he was instructed by his supervisor to only allow one Target coupon per transaction. I asked why and he said that because my barcodes were identical that they could be fraudulent and he was told to limit the coupons because Target was losing money. The woman behind me was openly frustrated that “I” was holding up the line, so he called another supervisor over to straighten it out. She said to accept the coupons and she would take it up with the manager. Has anyone had this happen? I went home to test the two prints from again and both my coupons printed with the same barcode number, so its not something I’m doing. I can’t figure it out.

    • Rosie says

      I haven’t had any problems. But I recommend printing out their coupon policy and taking it with you next time. That’s not in their official policy.

    • Noemi says

      I don’t have a Target coupon right in front of me, but they changed the verbiage on the coupons to say 1 per quest a while ago. Since then, its been up to the individual stores as to whether or not they enforce this. I usually do two at a time, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. When they limit the amount of target coupons I can use, I no longer argue with them. I do however make it very clear that they are not copies just because they have the same barcode. On the top of the coupon, below the exp. date, it gives you a set of unique numbers, that’s how you can tell them apart and I assume that’s how they can be tracked back to you. Similar to the coupons you print from

      Oh and I have called corporate about using coupons at several targets and how they have different limits and I have been told that even though there is an existing coupon policy at their website, each store can change it :(

  3. Winnie says

    Thanks for the info! I think the same thing happened to me where they decided to refuse to accept both my BOGO coupon and issue me a Target gift card. Funny thing is, Josie was at the same Target to do the same deal and she got both accepted! So, I guess it all depends on who’s working that day/time, I guess? Change their policy as they please…:(

  4. marky says

    i used two of the same target coupons to get the 2 suaves for free. they didn’t give me any trouble, the only time the cashier takes a double take is when the register beeps. i think it does depend on who it is. my target stays pretty busy so i guess the cashier doesn’t really have time or patience to scrutinize all of my coupons. when i did this deal i got a catalina for $2/2 suave professionals shampoo/conditioner and right now vons is having those same shampoo/conditioner for .99 ea if you buy 2. So i got even more suave shampoo for free. i was at vons earlier today.

    • marky says

      oh and another thing about the free suave, after i went over my receipt and figured out the ‘true’ cost of ea item, it seemed as if target gave me overage? the cashier just scanned my coupons and didnt adjust it to the price of the product. not sure if that was an error on her part or what. maybe target is changing their policy on cents off free items.

  5. Susan says

    We have two targets about a mile apart. One will not accept any coupons from, the other will take them fine and let you combine them with a target coupon. I’ve tried several times at the first store since I prefer shopping there. Same as someone else posted, the policy is strictly up to the manager at each store. I called the corporate office. Weird!

  6. marky says

    Targe has bic disposable razors 10pk for $2.99, use the $3/1 MQ and you get .01 overage, but you still pay tax. Got one today. I know the policy says no overage but even the cashier said ‘oh its giving you a penny’. So i guess its ok. Those razors go fast, i was hoping to use them at walmart to get some overage but they were out, my walmart is 24hrs so they are always running low on stuff, especially free stuff.

  7. marky says

    Target has bic disposable razors 10pk for $2.99, use the $3/1 MQ and you get .01 overage, but you still pay tax. Got one today. I know the policy says no overage but even the cashier said ‘oh its giving you a penny’. So i guess its ok. Those razors go fast, i was hoping to use them at walmart to get some overage but they were out, my walmart is 24hrs so they are always running low on stuff, especially free stuff.

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