Vons: FREE Reach Toothbrushes!

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If you are a Vons Shopper– Be sure to grab a great in-ad coupon on Reach Multipack Toothbrushes as it makes them just $1.99 each! The in-ad coupon was found in the Sunday Vons ad or you can load via Just4U. We have $2 off coupons that make them FREE!

Buy Reach Advanced Design Toothbrushes, 2ct w/in-ad coupon
Use $2/1 Reach Toothbrush, exp. 5/3/14 (SS 01/26/14)

The Value Pack (pictured on the in-ad coupon) is considered 2 toothbrushes but you get one “free”. I picked up three of those last night and the discount came off automatically with the in-ad coupon.

Your cashier will need to adjust your $2 coupon down to $1.99.

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  1. Emily says

    Anyone know if using the $1 on one reach brand toothbrush be fraud? .50 cents a brush is still good for me cause I am in need of toothbrushes.

    • marky says

      doesn’t hurt to try, i’m used to getting beeped since i’ve started couponing. i used a manQ that was for a single item but i used it on a multi pack at target and it took.

    • Emily says

      Well, I went yesterday. The $1 was denied. I think I got the wrong toothbrushes and ended up paying full price, ouch. Oh well. The correct ones were all gone. But I saw a 2-pack that said Advanced value. Seemed like it would work, but it didn’t. Oh well, can’t win them all.

  2. Genine says

    I tried this at 2 different Von’s and they wouldn’t let me use the just 4 u coupon with manufacture q :(

    • marky says

      try loading it to your card rather than handing over the paper store Q, then just hand them the man Q. they don’t know what’s loaded on to your card.

    • JB says

      It could be because the product is $1.99, and the MQ is for $2 off. Some cashiers don’t want to adjust the coupon down the 1 cent. Or don’t know how. But they should.

  3. divine says

    Thanks Josie! I’ve got this today, and I’ve got the 2 with 1 free multi-packs, so happy! I was able to get 4. :)

  4. Andy says

    Thanks Josie, I got two of the 2 +1-free multi-packs at Vons, and my cashier just manually entered in each coupon at $2.00 each after they didn’t take initially.

  5. Elaine says

    This is from the FAQ page on the just for U:

    Can I combine manufacturer/store coupons with these prices?
    Yes, you can combine a manufacturer or store coupon with your Personalized Deals, subject to terms and conditions of each coupon. Please refer to Vons.com for more details on our coupon policy.

  6. Andrea says

    The first Vons I went to was already out but I was able to pick up 4 at my second store. The coupons didn’t scan but the self-checkout attendant manually entered them for me. Thanks Josie… I love freebies!

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