Food 4 Less Weekly Ad 4/2-4/8

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Food4Less Ad


Here is the Food 4 Less Weekly Ad through 4/2-4/8!  Food4Less is a Kroger Affiliate Store. You will find all of the Best deals listed below with coupon match ups. 

New to Shopping at Food 4 Less ? Start here:

  • Start with learning the Coupon Lingo!
  • Print some COUPONS << — just one small way you can help support Southern Cali Saver and keep the deals comin’. thanks for Supporting the site! 
  • Don’t understand the Match ups below? Check out this quick Tutorial on how to make the BEST of the coupon match ups each week!
  •  <<< — MY Favorite Deals! 


We have a brand new Buy 5, Save $5  starting (2 week sale). Limit of 20 participating items in a transaction. There are of course WAY more items included in this sale than what is advertised this week, so stay tuned for a full inclusions list on Wednesday– with pricing and coupon match-ups.



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  1. Mary says

    Ok…new to the Food 4 Less scene…please help =)

    Does this work:

    1) Herbal Essense 1.99 – 1.00 = 0.99 x 4 = 3.96
    2) Chicken of the Sea 0.69 x 2= 1.38 – 0.44 = 0.94 x 2 = 1.88
    3) Lemons 0.33 x 4 = 1.32
    Seedless Watermelon (Do I need to buy 4lbs or 4 separate watermelons?) Guessing Latter
    4) so guesstimating 0.25 x 12 (3 lbs ea) = 3.00
    5) Kroger Tomato Sauce 0.20 x 4 = 0.80
    Total 10.96
    -5.00 (is this a discount given at register?)
    New total 5.96 (+ tax of course)

    • Straight Poop says

      The only item you have listed that is part of the $5 off promotion is the Herbal Essences and the 1.99 price is after the savings. You need to buy 5 items from the promotion list to get 5 off your total so if you bought 5 Herbal Essences you would be charged 2.99 each then get 5 off according to the sale. This means you would pay 9.95 for the 5 Herbal Essences. You can buy 5 different items from the 5 off 5 sale list and get 5 off but they have to be from the list and you can’t get savings if you don’t buy 5 from the list.

    • BarstowMom says

      I have a list for the 5 for $5 and don’t see Gogurt on the list. If anyone’s interested here is the list for Dairy/Deli:
      Baileys Coffee Creamer 16 or 32 oz., Blue Bonnet Spread 45 oz., Cacique Ranchero Queso Fresco twin packs 32 oz., Coffee Mate 64 oz., Daisy Sour Cream 24 oz., Daisy Cottage Cheese 16 oz., Danimals Yogurt 12 count, Dannon Activia 12 count, International Delight Creamers 32 oz., Joseph Farms Chunk Cheese 64 oz., Kraft American Singles, Kraft Parmesean 8 oz., Kraft shredded Cheese 32 oz., Yoplait fridge pack 48 oz., Dannon Light N Fit Greek Yogurt 21.2 oz.

    • BarstowMom says

      no there’s different categories like frozen foods, meats, beverages, non grocery etc. If I have time later I’ll try to post more of the 5 save $5

  2. keke says

    FYI International Delight coffee has a blinkie coupon printing mow in stores. picked a couple up on Tuesday. Save $1.00 on TWO (2)

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