NEW high-value Hamburger Helper coupon + FREE Ground Beef at Walmart

NEW high-value Hamburger Helper coupon + FREE Ground Beef at Walmart
There is a new, high-value Hamburger Helper coupon and Walmart rebate available to print. Not only will you save $1/2 boxes of Classic Helper but when you buy three boxes you will get refunded the cost of ground beef (up to $6.44) via Hamburger Helper Mail in Rebate, (LIMIT 2 Per household!) items must be purchased at Walmart.

Prices will vary by city, but it is likely you will be able to get Hamburger Helper for $1.25-$1.50 at Walmart. You may be able to get 3 boxes of Hamburger Helper and $6.44 worth ground beef for as low as $2.75 after coupon and rebate! That is a killer deal! Print your coupons and rebate now!

Print your Ground Beef Rebate HERE

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  1. Jenny says

    It says 2 rebates per household.

    Can you buy 6 Hamburger Helpers and two ground beefs
    (on one receipt) and use one rebate form and get a $12.88 refund ?

    or do you need to buy 3 Hamburger Helpers and one ground beef
    twice (2 transactions / two receipts) and use two rebate forms ?

      • Jenny says

        Egad !
        Looking at the directions,
        it says,
        Buy three flavors/varieties…”
        I sure hope it didn’t want me to buy
        3 “different” flavors/varieties !
        Hopefully it will honor the refund
        even if I bought six of the same !

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