Ralphs: FREE Brawny Paper Towels!

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This weekend we will snag a super coupon in the 4/7 Red Plum (confirmed for LA Times)! Score a $2/2 Brawny Paper Towels coupon in the paper–which means FREE paper towels for us!

Ralphs has Brawny Single Rolls on sale for $1 each through Tuesday:

Buy (2) Brawny Single Rolls $1.00 each
Use $2/2 Brawny Paper Towels, exp. 5/6/14 (RP 04/06/14)
Final Price: 2 FREE!

This coupon had been confirmed from the Brawny Facebook Page that it CAN be used on the Single rolls (the wording on the coupon is semi-confusing)

This coupon is valid through 5/6–so PLENTY of time to snag free paper towels–we see this sale often! 

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  1. altkb says

    stupid question, but do all ralphs carry single rolls? cause i’ve never found em. i wonder if i’m looking in the wrong aisle…?

  2. david says

    It works…just got back and they do carry single rolls…just paid tax which was 8 cents per roll…so got 6 rolls for 48 cents!!! Thanks

  3. Venessa says

    Ok, I used to get my insert lists from fabulesslyfrugal but they’ve either been missing or wrong for most of this year. Josie or others, where do you get your insert lists??

  4. ChipL955 says

    My Ralphs (Limonite & Hamner in Eastvale), which is generally very coupon-friendly, at least with the right cashier, wouldn’t take the coupon on the single rolls.

    The coupon reads: $2.00 OFF TWO (2) PACKS OF BRAWNY PAPER TOWELS. My cashier — not one of my regulars and too young to understand — looked at the coupon before scanning it and then went to another checker and asked her if she could take it. She came back and said, “It means two 2-packs.” I started to explain to her that the number in parentheses is a numeral to define the word “two” that came before it, and that Brawny had confirmed that the coupon was good on any two packs, but this was a Sunday morning in April and I couldn’t stay until October. I had frozen food melting in my cart.

    She took the paper towels off my order and returned my coupons, so I will try again with one of my regular cashiers later. But be forewarned: YMMV on this one.

  5. Regina says

    I go to the sane ralphs and hate the new manager. I went to get six and they refused to take it. The manager Dwight is a jack!!! I called corporate and they called him. He said if I can show where on the fb page it states single rolls he will honor the coupon. I looked but I can’t find it. How did you find it? Please advise ASAP so I can shove it in his face.

    Thanks so much! =}

    • ChipL955 says

      Dwight has been nice to me the two times I’ve met him. I’m anxious to see how you fare when you shove it in his face! I had problems with the previous manager during the $40-off when you buy wine sale that they had in November and December. It’s all in the cashier. My favorite would have at least scanned the coupon to see if it went through, and no other checker or manager would have gotten involved. But she wasn’t there this morning.

      Thanks, Josie, for the Facebook page link!

  6. Regina says

    I ended up going to a different ralphs and they were happy to take my coupons. I am just so over that location and most if the employees. A couple months ago i was followed out of store by manager and fellow employee and was accused of steeling just because I walked out with the cart with my books and hadn’t purchased anything. They even insisted in going through my car. I was fuming but let them. Since then I have been very dissatisfied with this store. I’m sorry but to be honest, there are things than coupons that I would love to shove in other places!

    Btw… Thank you Josie for your quick reply with fb link. Much appreciated! =}

    • melissa says

      did you really mean car, or did you mean cart? if they “insisted” on going through your car, it is highly illegal and you could have gotten them in a lot of trouble. and stealing is not considered stealing until you either pass the point of purchase area or leave the store. (not saying you did this just letting you know) and no matter what the store can not go through your personal belongings, only bags/carts that belong to the store or have the store logo on it. other wise if they think you stole they have to call the police and the police are suppose to confirm weather a theft has taken place in any personal property.
      I repeat NO STORE under any circumstance can go through your personal belongings (purse, car, bags from other retailers assuming you purchased items from somewhere else, like if you were at the mall, etc…..)
      Ive been accused of stealing before and they insisted they go through my personal belongings i said sure as long as they call cops and have them conduct the search, and they can tell the cops exactly what is what they thought i stole. I would never let a store go through my stuff unless it was justified and they only wanted to search their items. However once you leave the store they are not allowed to do much except call the cops and let them know what haappened, the most they can do is ask that you come back into the store, because once outside there isn’t much they are allowed to do as its out of their jurisdiction.

      • MARY says

        Can you sue the store for falsely accusing you of steeling and them searching your stuff? I mean this affects you emotionally and lets you feeling vulnerable, exposed, and angry.

  7. Angela says

    Love the wonderful heads up! I used coupons in 1995 when my daughter was born and the stores doubled :( Now my daughter is heading to college and I have two more kids and I can’t believe all the rules and red tape. This site has been instrumental to my coupon education.

    I saw the heads up on this deal last night (Thanks Josie) and bought extra papers. My Ralphs let me purchase 24 single rolls in one transaction!

  8. Regina says

    FYI…. If your local ralphs is either out of stock or won’t take coupons, you can find them for same price at food4less!!!

  9. says

    Just so you know I got RP today in my mailbox today and it did not have the 2.00 for 2 coupon. We only got the .55 cent one. :(

  10. Hannah says

    Hello, I am from Alabama and we do not get those VERY regional coupons like the $2/2 Brawny. Do you use an insert service or know where I can purchase the coupons that come in the LA Times?

    • Michelle says

      Yes, I can confirm that the price was $1.19 :( oh! Well! I was able to get International delight creamer for $1.50 with coupon from coupon machine. Does anybody know if the Brawny sale will continue? I guess I will have to make a trip to Ralphs.

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