Ralphs: $0.25 Brawny Paper Towels {Today Only!}

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Just a reminder–this is today only as the coupon expires today! 

Beginning Wednesday, June 18th–you can snag cheap Brawny Towels at Ralphs! The Single Rolls are $1.00 each and we have a great coupon that we can use.

Brawny Single Rolls $1.00 each
Use $1.50/2 Brawny Paper Towels, exp. 6/18/14 (RP 05/18/14 #2) –note that you only have ONE day to do this deal!
Final Price: $0.25 each

A lot of people wonder about this coupon– it pictures a larger package but according the Brawny Facebook Page– you can use it on the single rolls! :)

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  1. Nestor says

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for Ralphs to put their Angel Soft 4 pack on sale for $1. The .45/1 coupon will still be good for the 18th, making each one .55 cents!

    I know Vons has this deal, but they are SO strict with coupons. They only allow 2 like coupons at my local Vons.

    • tracy says

      i used 20 coupons at pavillons in pasadena! pavillons in arcadia says limit 4 like coupons. found angel soft at dollar tree also.

      • james says

        i hate arcadia pavillions, that indian supervisor is the worst,… hes rude and never courteous w/ customers who have coupons. tries to find every way to reject any.
        pasadena is always friendly though. agree

  2. Christine says

    Hi Josie! i wanted to ask you a question.. I recently signed up for LA Times Subscription and wanted to know what the difference was between LA Times verses the LA times SELECT inserts?

      • Stacy says

        Hi Josie, I see you mention the Paper towels in this post but not the Angel Soft. Can we use our Angel soft Q’s for the 4 pack also?
        Also this site is a life saver for this new couponer! :-)

      • Christine says

        ok, Thank you. I recently signed up for an LA times subscription and also bought some LA Times Select inserts and realized they were exactly the same, but I’ve noticed that the LA Times Select inserts have been selling a lot cheaper than other regions. I was told the reason why was because the Select gets delieverd free to households and is a thinner version on the LA Times. I didnt know how true this it, so I wanted to find out from someone who was fimilar with it. I thought maybe because I am located outside the LA area, I wasnt entitled to the same LA Times inserts even though I have a subscription. THANKS Again!

        • Laura says

          Some of my select inserts are the same and some are different. Haven’t figured out any pattern to that yet.

          • Christine says

            I was suprised to see that this weekends San Diego SS inserts were better than LA times. Its typically the other way around. :)

            Thanks for your responses!

  3. Princess says

    What does the cover of the insert that has the this q in it look like? I am driving myself bonkers looking for it :-( Thanks!

  4. Andy says

    I got my haul of both this morning, thanks for posting this Josie!
    Princess, you might find it helpful to quickly write the date on the covers of the coupon inserts when you receive them, that way you don’t go bonkers 3 months later trying to find a particular one. :-)

  5. Laura says

    I had no trouble using the Brawny coupon at Ralphs this morning. I was afraid I would yet, after all the incidents of the previous Brawny coupon.

    • Jackie says

      I went to 2 stores. The first one gave me a little bit of a hassle but I was able to snag 6 rolls. I went to another store but they simply refused it stating it is for the larger packages. I tried to show them that the manufacturer has confirmed that this can be used, but they didn’t care. Beware of Ralphs on Magnolia in Riverside. Not friendly to couponers.

  6. Steve says

    Went to Ralph in whittier and they had them behind the desk and said it was 1 per person today. i told the manager that was not right. he said then don’t buy it.

    • Jackie says

      Some stores are so rude. I wonder if there’s a website or facebook page where couponers can warn each other of their bad experiences and name out which stores suck. It makes me angry when they wont allow a coupon to be used even when following their own policy and the parameters of the coupon. I’ll just leave my whole basket behind. If they wont take my valid papertowel coupon, then I’m not buying their milk or eggs either. Have fun putting it back.

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