Christmas in July!

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Why are we thinking Christmas in July? Because when you are on a budget–you need to prepare early!

I have incorporated several different ways to pay for Christmas-without having to break into the savings or having to put away a certain amount every month.Though, for our sake because we have 3 boys we do put away $40 a month for Christmas on top of the earnings that I make through several different resources. Here are some great ways to earn money to pay for Christmas:


There are some great survey companies out there, on top of making money you often get to try out products that have not yet hit the market. Here are some of my favorites:
My Favorite! Do not get as many surveys as with others, but they tend to be high value ones.
• Each survey is assigned a rewards amount.
• Payouts made via gift cards, including Amazon. Min payout of $20.

Taking surveys will not get you rich but it will help you with a little extra cash each month. For me, I usually take about 3 surveys a day and since I have been doing surveys .. my best year I  made over $400 and been able to test several great new products.

Notes when taking surveys:

  • –Open a email account dedicated to surveys ONLY. You will find that it is a lot easier going through them when they aren’t mixed in your personal emails.
  • — Open a paypal account. I suggest this because many companies offer this option and it is the fastest way to get your money!
  • –In order to see results you have to dedicate to at least 5-7 surveys and day.
  • –Apply for several different companies. I belong to about five different companies and receive about 10 surveys a day
  • –Make sure to complete your profile when you sign-up. You aren’t paid for taking these surveys but this helps in qualifying you for surveys. A more complete profile=more opportunities

There are often great sales at the end of a major season in the retail world. For instance, after the summer Target, Walmart and other stores often have a toy clearance that can go up to 75% off! More than often at Christmas time toys are priced higher than normal because the demand is higher. There is no reason not to shop for toys in July!

I always stand by a budget. Having three kiddos we have to keep a budget year round just for Christmas. We set a very small amount aside each month along with any monies I may make doing surveys and keep it there until it is time to shop. This way we never feel as though we have to play catch-up at the end of the year with a large chunk of money gone from our funds.

Follow the 52 Week Money challenge: I usually talk about this in the beginning of the year because it should take a complete 52 weeks. After saving each week, you would come up with $1378! However, if you haven’t started –its not too late!



Just start at week 52 (so, collect $52 and go back!) Stop at Week 24 and you will have $1078 saved! You can also star at the beginning and have $300 saved by week 24 (end of the year)

So now that you have the resources, put them to use! Only 6 months until Christmas! :)

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  1. Cathy says

    This is my second year doing the 52 week challenge! thanks Josie that is a blessing to do through out the year because without even knowing you have all that money for christmas to spend on gifts.

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