Vons: $1 Tide Detergent!

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Woohoo! Check out this super deal at Vons FRIDAY only (8/1!) You should be able to snag a bottle of Tide Detergent for just $1 after coupons:

Tide Detergent, 46-50 oz $5 each
Use $2 off 1 VONS coupon (in-ad coupon)
AND Use $2/1 Tide Detergent, exp. 8/31/14 (P&G 07/27/14)
or use $1.50/1 Tide Detergent Printable
Final Price: $1!

The in-ad coupon is a store coupon so you can stack them. I’m really excited about this deal.

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  1. YVONNE says

    I notice it says one per person do you think, a person can do multiple transactions or will they be tracked on club card?

  2. Amy says

    I checked my Just4U account and it looks like the $2 off coupon can be added to my card. Excited about this deal…. thanks!

    • says

      You could price match the bottle–however, the in-ad coupon is a store coupon. So, you would pay $3 instead of $1. As far as I know, most Walmart stores don’t allow you to price match the in-store coupon.

  3. Maria says

    The paper coupon in the ad is actually a P&G coupon you clip or load. If you go to your J4U account there will be $2/1 tide coupon you can load which states it is a manufacturer coupon. It isn’t a store coupon.

    • says

      Maria, If you decided to “clip” the coupon instead of loading it to your card–how would one tell that it is a Manufacturer or a store coupon? For the last 6 years that I’ve been coupon shopping at Vons– I’ve never been told that the in-ad coupons were manufacturer coupons and have always been able to stack them. When the Just4U program came around it got a little more confusing but they have slowly worked on making it easier to tell the difference. As of right now, I have the same $2/1 coupon that you speak of in my Just4U…however, in my experience they add all new coupons on Wednesday and the in-ad coupons are usually added as a store coupon. So, my assumption will be that tomorrow you will see an additional $2 off coupon that will be a store coupon and you will also have the same $2/1 manufacturer coupon that you can stack to make it $1. Hope that all makes sense to you!

  4. Jackie says

    Do you think the in-ad coupon will be in the ad’s in the store? Or only in the mailed ads? Also, has anyone else been successful in Vons letting you do multiple transactions at once? I’ve never tried there, just wondering how strict they are?

    • Curtis says

      I have never had an issue. I use self check out and I have done multiple transactions many times. The 2 cashiers that work that area know me by name and are always helpful if a coupon beeps for any reason.

  5. vanessa says

    I see that the coupon says cant be doubled. do they mean with a manufacture coupon or one of their own ?/??

    • says

      That verbiage is on all of their store coupons. Its not related to stacking a manufacturer coupon with the paper coupon. Hope that helps.

      • Ann says

        Thanks Josie for the heads up on tide! Looking forward to Friday. I agree with you, never had an issue using an in ads coupon and mq together for one item.

  6. Molly says

    Is the clip or click coupon supposed to be in the coupon center? I don’t see the store coupon, all I see is the $2.00 off manufacturer that states: “Offer Type: One-time MFG Coupon
    Expires 8/30/2014”

    • Michelle says

      I just went to vons to buy one Tide for $1.99 stacking the manufacture with the in-ad coupon and the in-ad coupon would not go through, this was at self check out, the in-ad coupon had to be pushed trough.

      I too could not find the in-ad coupon in the coupon center, I only have the manufacture coupon, also all my personalized deals have dissapeared :( what ever is going on I hope they fix it before friday

    • Kenzie says

      Mine says the exact same thing in my “coupon center” it says one time MFG coupon …I’m still gonna try though with both ..can’t hurt to try ..

  7. Cindy says

    I went to two different vons. One honored it the other didnt. On the ad coupon it states no other coupons could be combined. :(

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