LA Times: $9.88 for 52 Weeks! {Sunday only}



STILL Available!

There is a new LA Times subscription rate available! When you call 18003265500 use code 3068 and pay only $9.88 for 52 LA Times Sunday only papers! that is only $0.19 PER week and you can be assured that you get your coupon inserts each week! (unlike purchasing at the newsstand)

UPDATE: If you prefer.. it looks like you can do it online at

I called and was told you can only receive 3 papers per week at this rate- anything else would be $0.75 per week.

Please note: your results will vary with this promotion– it may be subject to location and who you speak to. I suggest calling again if you are told that the promotion is not available or is not allowed over the phone. This flyer was simply passed on from a reader.

Thanks, Janice! 

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    • Julie says

      You should call back. I just got 4 and got 3 for my daughter. I had a subscription that expired on the 17th. I called the customer service number that appears on LA Times website. Good luck. I am fired up. I thought I was going to have to either bite the bullet and pay the regular renewal price or give up my LA Times.

  1. Renea says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I cancelled my old subscription and was able to get 4 papers under this promo. For basically $40 I will get all 4 for the next year. My old rate was 75 cents so this definitely saved me some money. Thanks one more time lol.

  2. Jennifer C says

    I tried to add this offer online to my current Sunday Only subscription with no luck. Called the 800 number and they lowered my current 75 cents an issue to 19 cents an issue, and since my account was paid in full (not on EZ Pay with a CC) it extended my subscription until October 2016! :)

  3. amanda says

    omg..this makes me so happy! my subscription ended so long ago and I’ve been waiting..i was just about to order the 75cent a week one, but I’m glad I’m such a procrastinator that this deal finally came around again!

  4. lorane says

    Ive been on the phone over an hour…..does anyone know if you can order more than one using online subscription?

    • Angie Rodriguez says

      I just ordered 2 via online, one under my name and one under hubbys. Dont think it matters, but just in case. :)

  5. Myrriah says

    They allowed me to do 5 subcriptions! Pretty excited no more $1 papers and bribing my siblings to go to the store to get our amount the amount of papers needed. Thanks for passing this along it is a big blessing and big money saver!

  6. carolina says

    I had to call a couple of times some reps. were rude and said it was for new customers only. So i called again and i finally got my paper. I requested 3 since i thought that was the limit but the rep. said there was a limit of 5 in case i wanted more. So long story short i got the 5. ;D

  7. lynette says

    AWESOME! this worked! thank you so much for sharing!

    I just called the number above, i didn’t have to cancel my subscriptions. The Rep was kind enough to just change my “plan”.

  8. Cassie says


    Have you seen any deals on The Press Enterprise? I’ve searched high and low and all subscriptions seem really high :(

  9. Kickstart says

    It worked for me!!! It is $9.88 was really easy to set up. We had the Sunday only service before and that was not an issue. Just remember to CANCEL before your year is up or they will charge you the regular rate :(

  10. lily says

    my subscription ended in july but they only let me get this deal for 26 weeks and up to 5 copies. lucky you guys who talked your way to a year. my person would not budge. anyway, i will do the 26 weeks and let my sub run out for about 3 months then maybe i can catch a deal like this again. i also get pasadena star news which has MOST of the same coupons (90% of the time) but LA times does have coupons that sometimes the pasadena star does not.

  11. Denise says

    Just called and got two subscriptions for 52 weeks at the promo price. They canceled my old subscription and I did have to pay up front with a credit card.

  12. Erin says

    Just called and asked if I could cancel my two existing subscriptions and sign-up at the promotional rate. Was told “no” because I am an existing subscriber but they would discount my rate to 75 cents per issue. Then I asked if I could cancel my subscription and sign-up my husband who has never been a subscriber at the promotional rate. They then transferred me to another representative who informed me that he could change my existing subscription to the new rate and I could order up to 5 subscriptions at that rate.

  13. Yvonne J says

    I got 4 subscriptions at this price. Thanks so much Josie and Janice! It really does depend on who you talk to because I had issues with this offer the last time it came out. Easy peasy this time so keep trying ladies :)

  14. Gil says

    I called and you can order up to 5, but I only did 4. $39.52 for 4 subcription-totally money saver! Thanks for the code!!

  15. Shahaunna says

    I used the website chat feature as well. They gave me 5 subscriptions and said it would replace my current subscription. She also said that whatever I had paid on my previous subscription would be put towards this new one. Here are the terms that she stated as well.

    So, you’ll be receiving five copies of the Sunday paper at a weekly rate of $0.19. After delivery starts, you will be charged $49.40 for the entire 52 weeks. After the introductory offer period, your newspaper will continue to be delivered and you will continue to be charged. Prices on future billing periods may be higher.
    This subscription is a CONTINUOUS SUBSCRIPTION but you may cancel at any time by calling customer service at 1-800-LATIMES (1-800-528-4637). After the introductory offer period expires, prices on future billing periods may be higher. To discontinue delivery, you must notify the LA Times by phone.

    • Erick says

      Yes! I just signed up today a couple hours ago. I did it via the online chat which pops up randomly. I’m getting 4 a week for 39.52! Awesome savings. According to rep I talked to I will get the first ones this Sunday and receive the bill 14 days after the first delivery.

  16. n3mbe says

    Code is still working. I just called few minutes ago. I renewed my 5 subscriptions last week for 0.39 cents per copy and CS just cancelled it and gave me $49.40 for 5 subscription for 1 year. I will get a refund for the difference that I paid last week. CS didn’t even give me a hard time. On top of that I will still receive the $10 Target gift card that was part of the promo during my renewal period if you sign up with EZ pay. Very good deal :)

    • pam says

      how did you get to the live chat? I don’t see anything and am not sure if there is a certain page you were on when it popped up? I have been on this order page for 20 minutes and still no offer to help. :(

      • lily says

        you have to click on the “subscription” tab to the left and then a live chat window will pop up. if you don’t get it you may have to try again later. that was the only way i got it. keep trying. don’t accidentally close the chat window like i did. it is hard to get it to come up again. i couldn’t find anywhere on the website where you can request live chat.

  17. Coupon Newby Ramirez says

    I tried it online but was only able to buy 1 subscription as opposed to the 3 listed above. How can we manage to obtain a second subscription. PleAse advise. Coupon Newby.

  18. Letty says

    I just called them and they changed my subscription and they will bill me, i didnt have to pay upfront. Their call center is open untill 11:30. Today.

  19. Rosa says

    I just ordered 5 subscriptions via the chat feature.
    They asked me for the code, which is 3068. At the time he asked I told him I had to look for it. I had only read the comments and not the original post on top. I was able to find it and give it to him. He asked how many subscriptions I wanted and I asked him how many I could have and he said 5, then I said 5 it is. Subscriptions will start this coming Sunday and I will get a bill in the mail. :-)

  20. Tisa says

    Thanks for the info! I called and was told I had to pay up front. Told the csr that I wanted to be billed. She had to get approval, and got the okay. So happy, 4 subscriptions for $39.52. No more buying the Sunday paper every week!!!!!

  21. Raqs says

    I used EZ pay and I did not realized that I was paying more than a $1 for a Sunday paper. My promo period expired. The lady I talked to applied the promo to my account starting Sept. She said they don’t normally allow it but since I am loyal customer for years they will do I for me. Yay! Thanks for the tip!

  22. Rissa says

    I called in 2 days ago and told the rep that I had an existing subscription for 4 papers Sunday only but that I wanted to change over my plan to include the promo code. He said that I couldn’t do that, but I could use the promo code for a year’s worth of papers after my current subscription ended (making me pay up front until March 2016). I told him that my friend had a subscription and changed hers over and asked if I could speak to a cancellation specialist to see if they could override it. He transferred me over and they finally did it for me. I had credit on my account because of EZ pay so now I’ll have this deal until Oct 2015! Be patient and ask for a cancellation specialist if the first rep doesn’t do it for you. Good luck everyone!

  23. Denise says

    Just received my bill from LA Times in which they charged the credit card I gave them for $19.76 for one 4 day copy + one everyday copy from 10/13/14-12/3/14. This makes no sense and contradicts my order. Now I have to call and get it straightened out. Hope everyone checks their bills/statements!

  24. Ann says

    Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Thank you so much. I logged in to share the 39 dealand saw yoy had posted the 9.88 deal! Just in the nick of time too, I was on phone with operator and was about to close the deal and I was like, wait a minute, I need to switch out the deals!

  25. says

    I got the live chat (yeah!) yesterday and was able to get an additional subscription for $0.19 and also to change my existing subscription from $0.75 to $0.19! At first she didn’t think she could do it (change the existing), but she checked and came back and said she could. So it’s definitely still going on. Make sure you mention the promo code of 3068. You can also go to, type in your zip code and promo code and then you will see the $9.88/52 week special.

  26. Liz says

    I just called and was able to get the max allowed! 5 Sunday papers at $9.88 each for 52 weeks!

    Such a great deal! To think I almost paid people from Craigslist $0.40 per insert!!

  27. Maria says

    Finally had enough money to upgrade my $.74 LA Times per issue, to $9.88 per year.
    Thank you so much Josie!
    It’s been a rough one for my family and I this year, even with coupons :(

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