Ralphs: FREE Pumpkin Pie



Get a FREE 8 inch Pumpkin Pie from Ralphs! Just head on over to the Ralphs Facebook Page and load this eCoupon to your Ralphs card. The coupon expires in just 4 days– so be sure to use it soon.

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  1. couponguy says

    From the ecoupon, one may infer that the pumpkin pie is located in the bakery dept which is totally misleading. I happen to be at my Ralphs a few days ago after their bakery dept had closed and no one had a clue what I was talking about. Since there were no pumpkin pies to be seen, it’s easy to assume they ran out since my Ralphs has lots of couponers and the freebies are usually gone the first day.

    I went there again today when the bakery dept was open and they redirected me to the MEAT DEPT in the back! There sitting on a table by themselves was a pile of pumpkin pies! That’s where my Ralphs keeps them! So ask around.

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