Save Money on Electricity: SCE Summer Discount Plan


Save on Electricty


To get you prepared for the Summer months and the high cost of cooling our homes– I wanted to make you aware of the SCE Summer Discount Plan— SCE will give you a discount on your electricity from June 1st-October 1st  by allowing them to turn your AC power off for up to 6 hours per day!

You can choose your level of participation from 4 options: Save more with the “standard” option, or choose the flexibility of the “override” option, which lets you opt out of up to 5 energy event days a year. Then decide between Maximum Savings (100% cycling) or Maximum Comfort (50% cycling.)

SCE Summer Discount Plan

You can enroll beginning June 1st– if you are a renter, you must get permission from your landlord before.

Are you Eligible?

To be eligible to participate in the Summer Discount Plan, your central A/C system must be in good working order throughout your participation on the program. A 1-year minimum participation is required, with exceptions made under medical circumstances. If you have any rooftop air conditioners, you will not be eligible for the “override” options.

Check out more details on the SCE Summer Discount Plan here

photo credit: BBQ Junkie