CVS: Over $40 in CVS Freebies beginning 8/10 + Pay $11.98 for $44 worth of items!



I love, love, love these types of freebies at the drugstore! Beginning 8/10, we will see eight different items for FREE after ECB. All items are limit one.

As a newbie couponer, it is hard to see them as “free” because you must pay something up front to get the “store cash back”. There is a strategy to this –to make the most out of your “free money”–you should separate your transactions so you pay the lowest out of pocket (and tax)



Check out this scenario of paying only $11.98 + tax out of pocket for $40 worth of product!

{Transaction #1}
Buy Daily Fiber $9.99
Buy Active D. Lites Bar $1.99
Pay: $11.98 + Tax

Get Back $9.99 ECB AND $1.99 ECB


{Transaction #2}
Buy PureLax or Milk of Magnesia $3.99
Buy Gas Relief 50-72 ct $7.99
Pay with $11.98 ECB’s from the first transaction,Pay ONLY: tax

Get Back $3.99 ECB AND $7.99 ECB

{Transaction #3}
Buy Anti-Diarrheal $4.99
Buy Acid Controller $6.99
Pay with $11.98 ECB’s from second transaction, Pay ONLY: tax

Get Back $4.99 ECB and $6.99 ECB

{Transaction #4}
Buy Hemorrhoid Cream $5.79
Buy Antacid Tablets $2.99
Buy Extra item for $3.20 or more
Pay: with $11.98 ECB’s from third Transaction, Pay ONLY: tax

Get Back $5.79 ECB AND $2.99 ECB

As you can see, you will pay only tax for every transaction after the first one. Then you are left with $8 worth of ECB’s to spend on pretty much ANYTHING in the store!! I usually pick up Paper plates (something I hate paying for) or Paper towels. If you don’t mind paying more out of pocket you can certainly do less transactions– This is just an example if how you can “roll” your rewards and make the most of these awesome freebies!

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