I’ve written this over and over in my head. I’ve deleted and re-written soooo many times in the last 2-3 months….  but for some reason I just can’t find the right words to to describe what I’ve been going through. I feel as though I will disappoint a lot of you after you read this.. But maybe some of you will appreciate the new direction that I will be taking.

Here is the story:

I started this blog because I longed to stay home with my little boys. At the time, I was pregnant with my-now 5 year old and I thrived to be a stay at home mom.  So, I did something crazy.. I quit my job to be a stay at home mom. A family of 5.. living on $35,000 a year. Did it happen? YES. Why? because I pinched every.single.penny. I blogged about how I pinched every penny. I blogged about how I paid less than $30 for a six month supply of diapers.  Even though no one was reading– I thought for sure that someone would and would find my posts helpful.

Fast forward to August 2011… Extreme Couponing became a HUGE turning stone for Southern Cali Saver. MANY of you found my little ole blog because of it and I’m grateful for that.  I wasn’t a fan of Extreme Couponing because it pretty much ruined the couponer name. There have been so many changes in the couponing world since the show aired– coincidental? I don’t think so.

Now, in 2015 things have changed. The “couponer” is something completely different compared to back in 2009 when I wanted to do nothing but take care of my family.

  • Couponers have a stigma of being greedy, demanding and aggressive.
  • It’s harder to collect coupons due to theft.
  • Couponers are going to jail due to fraud.
  • couponers rely on purchasing inserts and single coupons to get a deal.

You see, with all the negativity.. my passion for couponing has decreased almost more than ever. I’ve always promoted nothing but positive couponing and really try to teach people the RIGHT way to coupon but I think the negativity has overcome me at this point.

What does this all mean? 

I am ready to focus on MORE than couponing.. I have a NEED to help you save in other ways, like saving money by meal planning, how to eat organic  and how to help you budget . I want to go back to my roots of sharing my shopping trips and sharing more of my personal experiences with money.

I won’t stop couponing though. Just on a more milder level. I only buy what I NEED– I don’t run out and do every.single.deal. I will still share deals, match ups and coupons, meal plans, weekly wallet watch. The only difference is that you won’t see every money maker or freebie. One thing I want to focus on is saving money on organic and All natural. Our family is going through changes in our life and I’m trying to fit almost 90% organic into our budget. I’d love for you to join us in this journey! I also want to find more deals that don’t require coupons– like Amazon Food deals, which will come straight to your door! :)




The picture above is my motivation wall in my office. The quote that sticks out A LOT to me is “do what you love, love what you do”.  I have this on my wall but I feel like I am a total hypocrite when I sit down to blog sometimes.

I’m excited for this “new” Southern Cali Saver. I imagine that a lot of you will not like this change–change is hard. This entire post is hard for me to even write. I know that I might lose some of you for what I’ve said but I can’t be true to myself If I’m living a lie.




Escrow, a trip and crazy life



I just thought I’d take another quick moment to let you all know what’s been happenin’ in this crazy life of ours. I think the biggest part of it is that we are in ESCROW! and I might add that we are about 15 days away from closing… and our home is a new build! Meaning, it is brand spankin’ new… we looked at SO many homes and honestly, we weren’t happy with any of them. When we first started looking back in March, we looked into a new build and thought for sure that it was just too expensive due to high taxes on most of them…so we pretty much ruled new homes out.

Then, one day after we made an offer on a home, our realtor said– “lets go look at this other homes that supposedly, have lower taxes” Sure enough, the tax rate was just 1.6% instead of the 2% that most of the new homes in our area. This was great news for us as really wanted to a new home! Anyhoo– Here we are now.. just 15 days until closing–we are over the moon excited.



Last month we took a trip to New Orleans where my husband is from. We took the kids and made a fun family vacation out of it. My husband is from a small town called Pointe a la Hache, which was severely damaged by hurricane Katrina. He hasn’t been there since and it was great to meet his extended family finally.


We are also huge Saints fans an we got to see the Saints-Vikings Game in the Super dome which was an awesome experience as well.


Okay, so when did it suddenly become October?! This year has gone by so fast– and it is already time to start thinking about the holidays. Over the next few weeks, we will see more and more online deals, shopping discounts and next thing you know, we will be in full swing holiday shopping and drinking  hot pumpkin spice lattes. If you haven’t already, I urge you to join the Southern Cali Saver Black Friday Facebook group! I will be in full deal posting mode and sometimes there will be time sensitive stuff that I will post in that group only. So, if you don’t want to miss out–be sure to join here.

Also, thank you all for being such huge supporters of the site. SCS would not be what it is today if it weren’t for you! Everyday I am grateful for the time you spend sending me deals, email and just leaving comments. I am forever thankful for every single one of you.

Here for you always,


Update on life: house, stuff and books



If you’ve been following me for sometime–you know I like to add these little blurbs in on the blog about me. I don’t like to talk about myself much but I like to share pieces of my life with all of you to let you know that there is a person behind the computer… not some automated deal machine. ;)

I mentioned several weeks ago that our house hunt has been put on hold due to identify theft/tax fraud. Long story short, we had a house.. but found out right before closing that the loan could not be funded due to the fact that our 2013 tax transcripts were not available (who know there was such a thing?!) Tax transcripts are basically a piece of paper from the IRS clarifying that you filed your taxes however, it is the *official* taxes with finalized numbers of your income and such.

The reason the IRS had not provided a transcript was due to the fact that there were duplicate returns under my husbands social security number. Which means, someone had filed taxes under his name electronically BEFORE we could file our taxes. Anyway.. So our house hunt came to a complete stop. The good news is, the IRS has cleared the identity theft and allowed us to file our taxes… now, we are just waiting on a transcript.

The best part about this experience is that I’ve learned way more than I could ever want to know about taxes, home loans and mortgages. :D

Lately, I’ve been reading several great money books– In general, they are books about managing your money, saving money and just being plain BETTER with your money.


Right now, I am reading: Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence It really is a great book to open your eyes about where your money is going and what you should be doing with your money to achieve Financial independence.


Summer break has been fun filled for my boys. We took them to Legoland for the first time last month– they were thrilled! I was also excited that they all could go on the same rides. Our 4 year-old was happy to be able to go on the rides with his big brothers. Unlike Disneyland where we can only go on rides that he is tall enough to go on.



My husband and I really enjoy growing our own veggies– We had control over our tomato plants for about a month– but now they are growing EVERYwhere but we are excited to have plenty of tomatoes for the summer. Are you successfully growing anything this summer? We only have tomatoes at this point. We did have romaine and onions but they have since been eaten ;)

I also want you to know that I am so grateful to have you all in my life. I know you have a lot of wonderful blogs to choose from when it comes to deals and such. Southern Cali Saver wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for all of you!

It won’t always be perfect….



Its hard to stay ahead in life. The last two weeks have been a crazy, financial fiasco for my family.  I thought this blog post would be appreciated here on Southern Cali Saver because it isn’t just about coupons and deals. Its about stretching your budget and being smart about your hard-earned money.


Home buying journey — why do they make it look so great on HGTV?

We have dove head first into the housing market recently.. I swear, HGTV is hazardous to your health– because it isn’t as great as they make it seem on TV.  ;) house hunting has proven to make me a  crazy, almost psycho wife and mother– and is probably not good for my sanity either. Any tips?? I’d love to hear yours. :) 

Over the last couple of years we have been saving every penny that we could for a down payment. We’ve successfully paid down our student loan debt to less than $25,000 (see just how broke we were ) and I can thank it all to coupons and just being smarter about our money.

Great story, right? Just when you are at the point where life is good and you think you’ve caught up… life takes you in another direction. 

Our Volkswagon. Apparently, Volkswagons’ are very expensive to fix. (how come no one told my 22 year-old self that this car was expensive to fix?!) Our Jetta– 2006 with only 90,000 miles took a turn for the worse. I couldn’t tell you exactly what happen with it but it needed to be fixed ASAP.


Took it to the dealership… and BAM. 6 days later there goes part of our emergency fund.

All this time, I was feeling like I had achieved a “calm” period in our finances. We got to “that” point where everything seems to feel like its going your way……

To top it off.. we find out the same day that our taxes can not be filed electronically because someone filed taxes under my husbands social security number. um……… shoot me now.  Fraud? an error? No clue. another set back that we need to watch closely.. especially since we are trying to purchase a home.

Besides all the financial drama… I’m thinking to myself: We are healthy. We are happy. While its frustrating to get over the financial issues– you have to realize that it won’t always be perfect.  You won’t always be in that “comfortable” situation. I also realize how lucky I am to have discovered the power behind couponing and saving money in general. I honestly don’t think I would be where I am today in life if it weren’t for me willingness to grasp the whole couponing concept.

Why am I sharing all of this information about myself? Maybe because I felt the stress and realized that someone else may be going through the same situation as me.. or someone may have reached that point where they just don’t feel like they will ever get ahead… or maybe I just needed to vent?! :)

Whatever it is.. keep your head high.. it will pass. :)

Yes, I drink while I blog (Occasionally)



I have over 1,434 photos in my phone as of right now. I can honestly say that 80% of them are photos of deals that I find at the store– I don’t use my camera phone for candids of my family very often. However, I do have some.. and can I tell you just how much I love my little family?  :)

Today I’m just checking in with ya. Keeping it real  in between  all the madness of Black Friday and Cyber monday   Week. :) I thought it would be fun to let you take a peek into what photos (besides the deal ones) I have in my phone right now….


THIS is my favorite Pinot Noir. (Saintsbury Pinot Noir) Yes, I admit to blogging and drinking once in a while. Not to mention, this is a great wine. Something I enjoy with a little of my money saved from couponing. :)


Our Puppy, Bear. He’s not really a puppy anymore.. but more like a 75 pound horse that sleeps on the floor (in my way) while I’m cooking.


… we recently lost family member due to said dog mentioned above. (this was my little guys favorite  :( )


.. took a trip to the Hoover Dam. okay, not really.. We also have a home in Las Vegas and just recently visited the Hoover Dam. It only took us 3 years to do. :p


George and I recently celebrated 7 years of marriage and visited one of our favorite restaurants in La Jolla. George’s at the Cove. (if you ever get a chance– you MUST go!)


Thanksgiving with family was amazing. I always love coming together and talking about our lives. Its never a dull moment with them. :)


and when I’m not blogging.. I’m spending as much time as I can with these guys. Just a reminder that I am the person behind the blog. While, you may not see me often. I am here :)



Changes, Summer and … Why I over think.

(sailing in Long Beach)

I love to add these little posts that aren’t deal related.. just to throw you all for a loop. ;) Hopefully you don’t mind…

Summer is winding down.. I’m a little sad  because my middle child starts kinder but I am SO excited for the new adventures he will have in elementary school. We’ve enjoyed every bit of summer over here. We did a lot of pool-going and celebrated many fun times with our families.

This was a great summer for me and my family.. I was blessed with so many wonderful opportunities.

image (12)

This summer I went to Cincinnati and hung out with a bunch of awesome bloggers– we attended sessions to help us make our blogs better for you! It was very eye-opening and mind boggling at once– Even though I’ve been blogging for over three years now, it seems I’ve only touched the brink of what there is to know about this profession.

photo (35)

(Ohio River View from our hotel)

I also got to hang out with my best blogging friend, Katie. :)

 image (13)

George and I were able to take a small get-away to Palm Springs–It was 117 degrees everyday but it was nice to spend time with each other.. not something we do often. We spent part of our day at top of Mt. San Jacinto (we took the Palm Springs Aerial Tram–have you done that?? SO fun!)

image (14)

(Palm Springs)


If you’ve noticed, there are some changes here to SCS.. A lot of you have asked for more detailed grocery match ups and I hope that I have accomplished that for you.

I know it takes some adjusting but I hope you all have an open mind. I’ve found that this new program is the only way I will be able to meet everyone’s needs! Thankfully, it seems a lot of you love the new format.. I HOPE so at least. Or am I over thinking it?? :) By the way, I over think everything related to this blog. Because I’m a people pleaser.. and I want everyone to visit and find it useful.

I love summer! There are so many things to be excited about.. what is your favorite part about summer? 


10 Things about Me.




Today, I want to be different. I post deals everyday and sometimes I forget that I need to reassure people that I am a PERSON.. :) Besides, its really fun to get to know people. So, I’m going to tell you a couple of things about myself.

1. I am a mom to three boys (ages 9,5 and 3)
2. All of my boys were born with a 4 in their birthday. (4, 14th and 14th)
3. I am a California native.
4. I have a Psychology degree and went to law school for 1.5 years
5. I can’t stand dirty bathrooms
6. I recently became addicted to our new Shark Vacuum
7. I love the sun
8. I am terrible at math.
9. My favorite color is purple
10. I LOVE washing clothes.. but hate folding them :)

I started couponing about 5 years ago. I did it because I was ready to be that stay at home mom that I always dreamed to be. After working at a job that I hated and missing many fun times with my children, I quit my job and became a full-time couponer!  couponing has allowed me to continue staying home and help stretch my husbands income. and I tell people that I would do it even if I won the lotto one day… (its True!)