How I Lost 20 lbs In a Month Without Exercise.



Let me first start off by saying that NOT exercising isn’t a good thing, don’t get me wrong. However, I will be brutely honest with you and tell you that right now, this momma is busy. I maintain a home of 3 growing boys who all go to different activities during the week AND I maintain a full-time business at home. I really just don’t have a lot of time. I mean, can you relate? Us moms usually find that we want to take care of ourselves but we are always last on the list– we take care of everyone else before ourselves.

You might recall, last month I was approached by a company called NorCal Healthy Solutions (No prescriptions, no pre-packaged foods and not an exercise program, see more about it here) and they were very interested in having me do a review on their products– uh, YES! 🙂 This really kick started it for me this was a sign that it was time to get my stuff together, devote the time needed and stop being sad about my thighs “touching” 😀 Side note: These are pants that I eventually made holes in the thigh area because of my thighs rubbing together. This eventually happens to all.of.them. I am so over it!


You might be thinking.. okay, Josie– get off your lazy butt and do something about it! For the last 5 years, I have given every ounce of effort that I could into exercising– I tried to eat healthier, But I also suffered from aggressive depression, which leads to a lot of emotional eating for me.  Sadly, only things like chocolate, little Debbie snacks and foods packed with sugar made me feel “better”. Of course, that was only a temporary solution so I would eat more and more. To the point where I grew an addiction to sugar. Sugar addiction is REAL ya’ll.. I didn’t even think this was possible until I started paying attention to what I was eating thanks to the NorCal Healthy Solutions meal plan. Check out their plans.


Not only did I receive awesome natural supplements to keep me from overeating– The first 21 days, I successfully detoxed from sugar and refined carbs just by watching what I eat. Can I tell you what this did for me?? detoxing from sugar was a HUGE thing for my body. I literally lost 10 pounds the first two weeks because of this. It also made me aware of how much sugar is in the food we eat… its EVERYWHERE! You might be thinking: I’m not really a sugar person, but I am not happy with my weight. I can’t say that the reason you aren’t happy with your weight is because of sugar (I’m not a doctor of course) but you will be surprised at how much sugar you eat in a day that is added to foods that we think are “ok”. Example: How many times have you picked up a juice from the fruit section thinking “This is good for me, I’m going to buy it and drink the entire thing! woohoo, I just got my entire serving of fruits and veggies” — wrong Did you know that according to the American Heart Association, women are suggested to have just 25 grams of sugar a day?

Here is an example of a popular “health juice drink” that claims to have no added sugar. Yes, some of this sugar is from the fruit– however, MOST of this sugar is the added fructose in the apple juice, plum puree and the other ingredients they label. Check out this label below: 53 grams of sugar! That is over double what a woman should have in one day. Yes, one could argue that you are getting a lot of sugar because of the fruit–however, this particular company recently went through a lawsuit and settled to pay 9 million dollars to consumers (remember that settlement check you applied for?) AND they agreed to remove the “all natural” from their labels. So, if this sugar was all “healthy sugar” then why would they agree to remove the “all natural” from their label? 




This post is not to bash companies– its more just to make you aware. Things that you don’t realize as unhealthy for you, could be the reason for why you are suffering. I dare you. Start paying attention to what is on the label of your favorite foods and calculate how much sugar you actually take in your body a day.. it might surprise you. Its not just these fruit drinks.. its everywhere. Look at the baby food pouches that we use to give or toddlers. Anything that lists “Juice concentrate” in the ingredients most likely has added sugar. Could you imagine just feeding your child a straight spoon of sugar? uh.. no.


It was very clear that my body was addicted to sugar after about 1 week. I had headaches, I was very irritable and my depression was coming back full force. In the process of changing my eating habits, I learned that I had a bad yeast-overgrowth going on in my body, which REALLY explained why I was craving sugar so bad. Yeast feeds on sugar, it’s how it grows.


So here I am, 35 days of no sugar, dextrose (another name for sugar), fructose, galactose (more names for sugar), cane sugar, honey and artificial sweeteners. I have also given up gluten by choice and I am eating well and losing weight daily. I make a meal plan to help accommodate my new lifestyle and eat lots of yummy foods! The best part is that I am never hungry and I still get to eat yummy desserts like pictured below (thanks to a lot of research, I found several GOOD natural sugars and I can’t even tell the difference!)   In the last month, I have made a few changes to my diet but the sugar was probably the hardest. Now that I’ve detoxed– I no longer have cravings and I feel SO good.   Yes, I have to make most of my meals– but its the small sacrifice that I am making to lose weight while still being a working, crazy, busy mom. My next goal is to eliminate added sugars from my kids and hubby’s diet. I believe its a strong factor into some behavioral issues we have.


Please let me say that I’m not telling you what to eat, I am just sharing my personal experiences. I am still going to post deals and finds for you that I might not agree with because honestly, its why you are here. First and foremost, my job is to help you save money. 🙂

I’d love to hear, have you eliminated sugar?


How my 2016 will be different



ahh! Another year gone guys. The even crazier part is that it went by with a blink of the eye.

I’m not much of a resolution person..but I like to choose ONE word instead…. 2016 is Simplify.

What a small word– but it honestly has SO much meaning. I can already tell you several things that could be more simple in my life. 🙂 This year, I felt like George and I got waaayyyy off track in life. We were very much living in the moment of things and while it was exciting, I’m kind of ready to be grounded again.  I felt like we  were speeding by at 90 miles a hour and we were missing important stops along the way. I’m ready to take in more. SEE more.

of course I DO have plans to work on getting healthier.. This is something I’ve been doing anyway.. but I’ve been struggling with somethings that I plan to share with all of you. I want to share more personal experiences with you in the new year, hopefully you all are ready for them!

2015 was pretty awesome and I am so glad that you were a part of it 🙂



One thing you must know about me.. I’m a Planner Hoarder.


I have an unusual obsession with planners. There is just something about having every single detail of my life planned out! Every year, I go through a process of looking for the perfect planner..  Being that I have so many activities going on at one time, I realized that a regular planner just doesn’t work for me.

Several years ago, I purchased a discounted Voucher through a daily sales site for Erin Condren Planners. I honestly FEEL IN LOVE! At the time, I didn’t realize how much I needed something so awesome and detailed in my life– then, the year ended and I was left with the an empty feeling and a panic at how I was going to stay organized.. without hesitation, I purchased another and I am SOO glad I did! Snip20151228_3


Some of you may see the downside to this planner as they are not cheap! However, I think they are totally worth every penny. It is so customizable and allows you to pick your own layout. I prefer the hourly layout.. so I can list everything that I want!

If your goal this year is to get organized– I would definitely take a look! 🙂

Erin Condren planners <<— Use this link to get $10 off!

Join Me on Periscope for daily #saverscopes



Have you joined the craze over Periscope yet? I’m not one to usually “jump” into new social media because there is just SO much to keep up with– but I’m LOVIN Periscope! If you don’t know what Periscope is–think YouTube but LIVE! Yes, you get to be the “fly on the wall” so to speak into others everyday life. You get to chat with them and see them in the moment–it is pretty awesome.

If you’ve been around for awhile you know that I’m not big on video. I have a Youtube account–but I haven’t done anything with it for YEARS! So, I’m hoping that Periscope will bring me out of my shell. Plus, you get to chat with me DAILY (because I will be scoping daily) and you get to go with me everywhere. 🙂

I hope to be able to take you along with me while in Ireland and show you where we are vacationing. (as long as wifi permits)

SO PLEASE join me! I’ll be scoping later today with a fun money saving tip.  I’d love to see you there!  Once you download the app, be sure to search my name “Josie K” or “Southern Cali Saver” to follow me!

Working Smarter, not harder: I’m trying to be a mom/blogger and everything in between.



I so need a fist emoji in the title of this post! It’s Monday.. a new week of deals and coupons. Mondays have become a favorite of mine because it means a new week to be your best. 🙂 Every once in a while, I like to break up the money-saving posts with a post about what is going on in my life. Just so that you can see that I’m a REAL person.. with real feelings and a real life. 😉 As much as I would like to be a full-time robot (Imagine how clean my house would be!) I’m not. Just a mom who eats too much chocolate and tries to be super woman to my kiddos.

So, there have been SO many things going on in the Kapetsonis household. We are close to leaving for our trip to Ireland (something we’ve been planning for a YEAR!) and summer break around here has been chaotic. Usually I blog non-stop like the rest of the year but this summer has been different as my kids are at that age where I need to entertain them. They no longer take naps (YIKES!) and always want something to eat. So, blogging has been suffering.. I’m sorry to those that come here looking for certain things that usually happen regularly. However, my motto is family first.. I’m sure you all understand 🙂

With that being said…

If you’ve been here for awhile, you know that the blog has gone through changes over the last 5 years. For the most part, I like to think that most of the changes are positive and have made you all better shoppers. With that being said, when I do make changes.. I am always super scared to because I know it will not make some of you very happy.

I hope you realize that while this blog is 100% free to you– it DOES cost me money. So, I hope you can understand that the reason I might change things is because its helping me, HELP YOU. If I didn’t make some changes.. I probably would have to stop blogging… and we don’t need that!

Some changes you might have noticed (or not):


1. The new mobile layout. Some of you have asked about it and here is the explanation: In late April, Google made it a requirement of ALL websites that you most follow certain mobile criteria… if not, you will be penalized. You will find that a lot of websites will slowly make changes via mobile. This one really was not my choice.. it was google. Hope you can understand! If you want to view the site in a regular format–be sure to visit via desktop

2. Ralphs Meal Plans: These are so fun! However, they take up SOO much time. I started it because I noticed a lot of you asking for help in making meals that were affordable and honestly, I love doing it.. but the time it took each week was a little much. I DO plan on coming back with these. It will probably be once school starts– I also plan on doing more than just Ralphs. hoping to add Albertsons in the mix as well.

3. Weekly Wallet Watch. I’ve been doing this for over 3 years!! Can’t believe that it has been that long. If you didn’t notice– I did stop the weekly wallet watch. Why? because there is a AWESOME new feature (that actually has been around for almost a year) called “need a deal”. This tool IS AWESOME! As you can see, this is a great way to find a deal on the items you need.




4. In-store deals. You know, over the last few months with all of the changes in our So Cal grocery stores this has been hard! I’ve been trying to focus on a few of the most popular stores (Ralphs, Sprouts and Albertsons) however, lately I’ve been finding that the stores don’t offer too many unadvertised deals! To be completely honest, I don’t “run” to the stores when there is a deal anymore– because I probably have too many of that item as it is! Unless it’s something like really cheap milk, or free meat– I usually just stay home. Maybe I’m the only one? what do you think about this? Do you run to the store for a deal?  In all, I usually prefer to post in-store deals that I know will be around for a couple of days.. so that you can enjoy them as well.

I appreciate all of you SO much and thank you for sticking around. I hope you understand that I have to adjust accordingly as my family grows and thrives. Sadly, they are not the babies they used to be when  started blogging 5 years ago!

I don’t always have it together…



If you may notice– there are some days where I get quite a few blog posts up. Some days, I get just a few. You see.. I’m not the super woman that you might think I am 🙂 The last few weeks, I’ve been putting in a lot more time in the gym (which takes away from blogging) and getting our garden together (huge deal for us to get those veggies growing) and sometimes things just don’

A lot of people ask.. How do you do it? How do you blog, manage a household AND go to the grocery store to find deals? The truth is……




and sometimes, I drink coffee at 8pm to get caught up.



I can be all things to all people…



See these kids? They are my life.. They are everything that I inspire to be, I love them.

Lately, I’ve suffered a burden. The “I can be all things to all people” burden. Actually, the last five years I have suffered that– see, blogging is more than a full time job. Its almost a 24hour type of job. In the very beginning, as a deal blogger– you sat down at your computer for hours and hours at a time. Trying to be the first blogger to post a “HOT” new coupon… you always had to be the first to post something because if not, it would be old news– and no one would visit your blog. Truth is.. I sat down at my computer on average of 10 hours a day. 7 days a week. for almost five years. I’ll tell you what.. the pay of a blogger is not worth the 24 hour schedule.

Being a “deal blogger” as people like to refer it to– is actually a lot less popular now. People are moving on from coupons and finding new ways of saving money– I bet there are a couple deal blogs that you follow that have changed drastically within the last year. Why is this? because it is absolutely exhausting. 

So what have I done? I’m simply taking a step back from the daily grind of being a blogger.. I’m not going anywhere but I am going to post less– probably not answer my email fast enough. I will be working on more meaningful content. I don’t know if you’ve noticed–but I LOVE to write. I LOVE to garden and I am passionate about helping others use money wisely.  

I will still post deals–maybe 5 or 6 a day. Not nearly as much as last year (10-15 a day) and you will see more of ME.

However, I do have one announcement:

Sadly, last year was my LAST Black Friday/Cyber Monday adventure. I will no longer post endless deal after deal during that time. I won’t refrain completely but you might see one or two deals that I just can’t resist to not share. 

The reason for this is a hard one. Even though I’m happy to find these deals for you.. They are a true burden to me during the holidays. Sitting hour after hour waiting for the best deals on select hot items of the year.. I miss out on a lot during the holidays.  My days turn into 18 hour days.. my family suffers, my wellness suffers.

I totally understand if you aren’t interested in some of the things I have to say.. that is okay, I’ve tried to understand that I can’t help everyone.

Now you must know I am so very thankful for all of you – my readers, because when I’ve let  SCS slip a bit and not allow it to be the focus of my attention you all have been faithful to visit the blog and support me.  When I take hours off at at time on random days to do some crafting.. you told me you weren’t going anywhere.  So for that, I say a big HUGE thank you.     

 PS: everything will stay the same here on SCS. Just less posts and WAY less holiday deals.