My Shopping Trips: $126


(Ralphs and Sprouts)

There are SOOO many deals going on this week at different stores, I wasn’t sure which I should of hit first! I did shopping at Sprouts, Albertsons, Food 4 Less and Ralphs this week. Lucky for me, my stores are super close together–so I was able to hit all in one day.


(food4Less and Albertsons) 

I’m not going to list all of the deals because you can find all of them in my posts:

Here is what I spent at each store:

Ralphs: $79 (includes $5 off $40 eCoupon and $5 off Produce eCoupon found here)

Food4Less: $3.68

Albertsons: $2.75

Sprouts: $41.53

So have you hit any of the awesome deals this week??! What did you get? 


Things I’m stocking up on



Its been awhile since I’ve done any stocking up– I’ve really tried to get rid of most of my stockpile because I had too much! Now that I’ve cut 90% of my stockpile out I will be purchasing in smaller quantities.  Here are just a couple of things I’m buying this week– Albertsons has some great sales. Our pups eat rice and pumpkin once a week–so I purchased the success rice for them.

Check out the Albertsons Weekly Deals here

C&W Frozen Vegetables, 12 – 16 oz – $2.49
Includes: Select varieties
$1.00/1 Bird’s Eye C&W Premium Vegetables (Zip Code 62946); Includes 16 oz or Larger Only
$1.50/1 C&W Vegetable Variety
$1.50/1 C&W Vegetable Variety – 8-23-15 SS (exp. 10/23/15)
Final Price: FREE
Use $1.50/1 Coupon; wyb 5 or more participating items

Libby’s Canned Vegetables, 14.5 – 15 oz – $1.69
Includes: Select varieties
$1.00/4 Libby’s Vegetable Products
$1.00/4 Libby’s Vegetable Products – 8-23-15 RP (exp. 10/03/15)
Final Price: $0.44
Buy 4; Use $1/4 Coupon; wyb 5 or more participating items

Pompeian Olive Oil, 16 oz – $3.99
Includes: Select varieties
$1.00/1 Pompeian Olive Oil or OlivExtra Plus
Final Price: $1.99
Use $1/1 Coupon; wyb 5 or more participating items

Wish-Bone Salad Dressing, 16 oz – $2.29
Includes: Bowls or Sandwiches
$0.75/1 Wish-Bone Product – 8-23-15 SS; Includes 16 oz or Larger Only or Dry Mix (exp. 10/31/15)
Final Price: $0.54
Use $0.75/1 Coupon; wyb 5 or more participating items

Dixie Plates or Cups, 14 – 50 ct – $2.49
Includes: Select varieties
Final Price: $1.49
wyb 5 or more participating items

Juicy Juice, 8 pk – $3.49
– $1.00/2 Juicy Juice Products – 8-16-15 SS (exp. 11/30/15)
Final Price: $1.74
Use $0.75/1 Coupon; wyb 5 or more participating items

Success Rice, 14 oz – $1.99
Includes: White or Brown
Final Price: $0.99
wyb 5 or more participating items

I paid a total of $35.25 for everything here!

Shopping Trip: $46



Here is my weekly shopping trip! I decided to head to Sprouts and Albertsons this week– We have a bunch of freezer meals that I made last month, so this is mostly just things we need fresh for the week.

I misplaced my receipt– I’m just going off of memory here! :)


(2) packages of boneless, skinless chicken breasts $17
(2) Sprouts Organic Spring Mix $1.88 each
(4) Noosa Yogurt $1.50 each (Have you had this yogurt? SO good!)
(1) Sprouts Ketchup $1.99
(2) Asapargus $1.98 each
(3) Cascadian Farms Cereals $1.99 each
Bananas $0.68 lb
Organic Gala Apples (don’t remember the price)
Sprouts Organic Salsa $2.50
Grapes $0.88 lb

$1/1 Sprouts Organic Salsa
(1) $1.00/1 Noosa Yoghurt; May Vary By Account – Shopmium Rebate
(2) $0.55/1 Noosa Yoghurt; DND – Facebook Coupon
20% OFF WYB 1; 30% OFF WYB 2; or 40% OFF WYB 3 Noosa Yoghurt, 8 oz (Max Price Per Yoghurt $3.00); Items Must Appear on Same Receipt; Limit 20 Yoghurts; May Vary By Account – Shopmium Rebate

Final Price: $42.08


(4) Fruitables Juice $1.59 each
Used (2) $1.00/2 Apple & Eve Juice; Includes 64 oz bottles or 8 pk Juice Boxes

Paid: $4.36

What deals did you do this week?

Shopping Trip: $43 (Saved $36!)




Here is my shopping trip this week. I went to Sprouts and spent most of my money shopping the awesome Buy One, Get One Free sale! We have a lot of chicken in the freezer so there isn’t much meat here. I really wanted to take advantage of the Cascadian Farms Cereal deal.. my kids love the cereal and I pay around $4 per box at Winco when it’s not on sale. I’m excited that this sale goes through 3/11– so I can head in next week for more cereal.

(2) Earthbound Farms Organic Butter Lettuce $3.49 BOGO Free
Seedless Grapes $3.64
Organic Red Apples ($0.99 lb) $1.99
Organic Bananas ($0.89 lb) $1.62
(2) Boulder Chips $2.79 BOGO Free
(2) Cascadian Farms Granola Bars $4.49 BOGO Free
(4) Cascadian Farms Cereal $4.99 BOGO Free
(2) Annie’s Snacks $3.99 BOGO Free
(2) Newman’s Owns Fig Snacks $4.49 BOGO Free
(3) Dozen Organic Eggs $0.99 each (Clearance)
Ground Sirloin $4.94
Ground Sirloin $5.19

Used (1) $0.75/1 Earthbound Farms printable coupon

Total: $43.84

Shopping Trip: $10.35



I made a very small shopping trip at Albertsons last weekend! I had to fulfill my obsessions with Arm & Hammer detergent and decided to mix and match with the Quaker Oatmeal. In case you haven’t seen these deals –check them out here in the Albertsons Match Ups for the week.

Buy (2) Arm & Hammer, 150 oz Laundry Detergent $4.99 each wyb 5 participating items
Buy (3) Quaker Oatmeal $1.79 each wyb 5 participating items
Used (3) $1.00/1 Quaker Select Starts Instant Oatmeal; Includes Protein, Organic, Lower Sugar, High Fiber or Weight Control – 1-11-15 RP (exp 02/28/15)
and used (1) $2.00/2 Arm & Hammer Liquid, Powder, or Single Dose Laundry Detergents – 2-8-15 SS (exp 03/08/15)
Paid: $10.35 + tax

Did you do any shopping? 

Shopping Trip: $84



There are a couple of things that I love about Winco..

1. Their Bulk Section

2. They have awesome prices on organic items

3. I always purchase things that I don’t see coupons for very often and can bet they have the lowest price on that certain item.

I also took my weekly trip into Sprouts. I love their organic produce–the prices are right and it’s the only store in my area that has a good prices and good quality produce.

Sprouts Shopping Trip: $20.07


1 lb Green Beans $2.17
.90 lb Organic Broccoli $1.79 ($1.99 lb)
Organic Romaine Hearts (3pk) $3.49
Organic Cilantro $0.99
Organic Green Onions $0.99
Shallot $.12
8 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs $10.28 ($1.79)

Winco Shopping Trip: $64


4 lbs Jasmine Rice $2.08
3 lbs Basmati Rice $4.18
(3) Alpine Valley Organic Bread $2.88 each
Darigold Butter $2.98
Libby Canned Pumpkin $1.88
3 lbs Jennie-O Ground Turkey $10.28
bagged chips (20 ct) $5.98
409 Carpet Cleaner $2.47
madhava organic pancake syrup $3.98
(2) Cheese tortellini $2.97
Morton’s Kosher Salt $1.98
Winco Frozen Berrys $2.30
Vegtable oil $3.98
Rice Vinegar $1.68
Whipping Cream $1.78
Cream of Wheat $3.88

Did you do any shopping this week?

My Shopping Trip: $52



I haven’t stockpiled much of anything for the last few months. I’ve been really busy with unpacking and the holidays– plus, there are very few things that I really NEED at this point besides fresh food. So! this weekend, I decided to take advantage of a couple of sales. This isn’t my grocery money for the weekend– just my stockpile money that has been piling up since October. :) (I budget $10 a week for stockpiling–in addition to my monthly grocery budget)


12 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.79 per lb
7 Essentia Waters 1.5 liters $0.99
Sprouts Salad $2.00
Paid: $32


(4) Dreamfield Pasta $0.99 each
(2) Sue Bee Honey $2.88 each
(2) Mott’s Apple Juice $1.88 each
(1) Essential Everyday Beans $0.49
(2) Kraft BBQ sauce $0.88 each
(2) Fiora TP $2.99 each
(2) Trop50 $2.88 each

Use (2) $1/1 Sue Bee Honey Peelie coupons
(2) $1/1 Kraft BBQ sauce peelies
(2) $1/1 Mott’s Apple Juice coupons from 1/11 SS
(1) BOGO Free Trop50 coupon (NLA)
(2) $0.55/1 Fiora Roll Bath Tissue or Paper Towels, 6 Roll or Larger – 1-11-15 RP (exp 02/15/15)
(4) $1.00/1 Dreamfields Pasta Product, box
Paid: $16


Bought (3) Mott’s Apple Juice $1.67 each
Used (3) $1/1 Mott’s Juice coupons from 1/11 SS
Paid: $2.00

Final Price: $52 for everything!

I’ve talked about most of these deals on the blog.. you can check them out below for full details: